To renew the flavour of the most delicious cuisine creativity, the pleasure of taste starts at the Do Forni.

Do Forni Restaurant history refers to the most peculiar and ancient traditions of Venice. During the golden years of the Serenissima Republic, here was placed the bakery which produced bread and sweets for the nearby monastery of San Zaccaria at the Ducal Palace, and a small portion of the Do Forni was used as a typical Venetian taverns selling nips (cicchetti).

In the XIX century it became the Do Forni Restaurant and since 1973 has been managed by mister Eligio Paties, whose passion for the art of cuisine ?not only a culture but also a real vocation for him? along with his innate sense for hospitality made it a desirable destination for all the people who come to Venice and wish to be guest according to the noble and well known traditions of hospitality.

Do Forni Restaurant includes two nearby rooms; one with rustic and elegant furniture which reminds to the ancient Venetian tavern; the other called “Orient Express”, with the deluxe furniture and the tiny atmosphere reminding the dining car of the famous train which connects Venice to Istanbul and Paris.

He loves what he does. Although he uses no special tricks, the way he manages work is perfect. His beloved Restaurant is a compulsory stop for those who wish to know every detail of Venice. Its name is so peculiar that he can't help explaining its origins.

The Do Forni offers the traditional Venetian cuisine, which is mostly based on seafood and fishes coming from the Adriatic Sea. Its recipes are those of the Venetian tradition enriched with seasonal vegetables and soft sauces. Its refined interpretation of the Italian and Venetian cuisine mix together the use of local flesh and vegetables with international art of gastronomy.


Its wide and excellent cellar is managed directly by Eligio Paties, who offers his guests the most precious Italian wines along with superb French wines and champagne, not to mention the wide range of foreign wines.