The Doge of Venice Ludovico Manin recommended: "Prawns and Scallops on a bed of rocket with a dressing of lemon, oil, salt and pepper."


The restaurant has a large and well-appointed wine cellar; personally supervised by the Paties family, our wine cellar offers our clientele the finest wines from all the Italian regions, the most prestigious French wines and champagnes, as well as a wide selection of wines from international vineyards.

The Restaurant

“The pleasure of taste begins at Do Forni, to rediscover the flavors of the most tempting culinary creativity.”

The history of Do Forni restaurant hails back to the most characteristic and ancient traditions of the city. During the golden years of the Venetian Republic the bakery producing bread and sweets for the nearby convent of San Zaccaria (the Doge's Palace) was located here, in fact, and a small part was used as a typical Venetian tavern (with cicchetti appetizers). After the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797, the tavern was expanded to include the area previously used as bakery. It became a restaurant in the nineteenth century under its current name and it has been under the care of Mr Eligio Paties since 1973. Through his passionate vocation, understanding of the cultural importance of cuisine, and his innate hospitality, he has successfully turned Do Forni into a popular destination for all those who travel to Venice and wish to experience the noblest traditions of Venetian hospitality.
Do Forni Restaurant offers a traditional and elegant setting in its Venetian-style rooms, and luxurious in those rooms that faithfully reproduce the hospitality of an Orient Express dining car.


Do Forni features traditional Venetian cuisine, mainly based on seafood, with a menu offering fish and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea using centuries-old Venetian recipes enhanced by seasonal vegetables and delicate sauces, but also a refined interpretation of both Venetian and Italian cuisine that is influenced by international gastronomy in its preparation of local meats and vegetables.

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Do Forni graphic Art Prize

Since 1986, the DO FORNI restaurant has revived the “Art Restaurant” tradition by creating the Do Forni International Prize for Graphic Art.


Awards and Events

The elegance of the restaurant and the careful preparation
and presentation of all foods have earned
Do Forni restaurant numerous prizes
and international awards.

Do Forni International Prize for Graphic Art and other events

Since 1986, the DO FORNI restaurant has revived the tradition of the “Art Restaurant” by creating the International Prize for Graphic Art, awarded to two artists - one Italian and one international - selected from a shortlist of twenty invited participants, during the annual ceremony hosted at important locations in the city.

The works of the winning artists of all editions of the Do Forni International Prize for Graphic Art are on permanent display in the rooms of the restaurant.

Albo d'Oro

1986 Miguel Rodriguez Acosta Spain
Giuseppe Zigaina Italy
1987 Bertrand Dorny France
Francesco Vaccarone Italy
1988 Vladimir Velickovic Yugoslavia
Aldo Turchiaro Italy
1989 Jean Michel Folon France
Emilio Tadini Italy
1990 Rainer Mordmuller Germany
  Luca Crippa Italy
1991 Adolf Frohner Germany
  Riccardo Licata Italy
1992 Albin Brunovsky Czechoslovakia
  Carmelo Zotti Italy
1993 Joze Ciuha Slovenia
  Aligi Sassu Italy
1994 Aduardo Arroyo Spain
  Bruno Ceccobelli Italy
1995 Joe Tilson Great Britain
  Giuliano Viaggi Italy
1996 Beverly Pepper United States
  Marco Lodola Italy
1997 Kyoji Nagatani Japan
  Sergio Vacchi Italy
1998 Roger Selden United States
  Fabrizio Plessi Italy
1999 Miguel Berrocal Spain
  Concetto Pozzati Italy
2000 André Verdet France
  Ugo Nespolo Italy
2001 Alberto Gianquinto Italy
  Kengiro Azuma Japan
2002 Enrico Baj Italy
  Hsiao Chin China
2003 Sandro Chia Italy
  Igor Mitoraj Poland
2004 Edo Murtic Croatia
  Mimmo Rotella Italy
2005 Safet Zec Bosnia
  Salvo Italy
2006 Ludovico De Luigi Italy
2007 Peter Blake Great Britain
2008 Mimmo Paladino Italy
2009 Valerio Adami Italy
2010 Giulio Paolini Italy
2011 Joe Tilson Great Britain
2012 Sandro Chia Italy
2013 Walter Valentini Italy


Do Forni restaurant commemorated the second centenary of the death of Giacomo Casanova by creating a dedicated menu with recipes inspired by the era of the great Venetian adventurer and writer.
Food and recipes described in this publication actually come from original eighteenth century recipe books and include many curiosities about the culinary customs and the cultural traditions of Venice at that time.
The dishes on the menu were prepared and presented to the public during the many events organized in Venice all year round.
All the illustrations in the menu are the work of the Venetian artist Ludovico De Luigi.

Guest Book

  • Francesco De Martino
  • Mario Rigo
  • Giovanni Pieraccini
  • Francesco Badoglio
  • Michele Pellicani
  • Bettino Craxi
  • Principessa Margaret d’Inghilterra -
    Countess of Snowdon
  • Armando Cossutta
  • Alessandro Natta
  • Mario Bisaglia
  • Giancarlo Pajetta
  • Giovanni Berlinguer
  • Sandro Pertini

  • Diana Spencer
  • Prince Charles
  • Maria Pia of Savoy
  • Maria Gabriella of Savoy
  • Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma
  • Marie Alfonsin
  • Nilde Jotti
  • Franz Josef Smith
  • Maria José of Savoy
  • Ugo Bergamo
  • Richard Nixon
  • Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

  • Moshe Shahael
  • Michele of Greece
  • Sean Kennedy Smith
  • Caroline of Monaco
  • Generale Schwarzkopf
  • Margherita Boniver
  • Silvio Berlusconi
  • Massimo Cacciari
  • Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
  • Clemente Mastella
  • Lamberto Dini
  • Bartholomew I
    Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople


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